Daily Rate                       Weekly Rate                              Monthly Rate                                
                             (1 to 6 Days)                     (7 to 29 Days)                            (30 Days or More)                   


X-Small                       $10.50 per day                      $10.00 per day                           $9.50 per day                      

Finches, Canaries

Parakeets, Parrotlets

Lovebirds etc…


Small                                        $13.00 per day                    $12.00 per day                            $11.00 per day                      

Cockatiels, Conures,

Lories, Pionus, Caiques,

Senegals etc…


Medium                       $16.50 per day                $15.50 per day                            $14.50 per day                    

Amazons, A. Grays,

Sm. Cockatoos etc…


Large                               $18.50 per day                $17.50 per day                            $16.50 per day                    

Macaws & Large Cockatoos



 Before boarding, all birds must have a well bird vet check within the past 12 months
    ALL THINGS BIRDY will supply the appropriate size cage for each bird. We also supply the food, unless your bird is on a special diet like Harrison's pellets etc...which we would ask you to bring that with you. Please bring 2-3 toys and a cover if they get covered at night. If you choose to put two birds in one cage, it’s your responsibility to make sure they get along. In this case we would charge you full price for the larger bird and half price for the second bird. If you are boarding 3 or more birds at the same time, you will receive 10% off your boarding bill.
    For liability reasons, we cannot administer hand feeding formula or medication of any kind.
THANK YOU!!!!        

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