Hi from Marty Slebodnik--
Ownerof All Things Birdy

I have been owned by companion parrots for the last ten years.
My first interactions with birds were as a child growing up near Detroit, Michigan.

I was approximately eight years old when my parents bought a
budgie from a dealer named “Bill the Bird Man”.
Growing up with first “Chipper” and then “Skipper” taught me how entertaining and special birds are when they are treated well and given the right environment in which to flourish.
During December of 1998, my wife Sandy and I cared for a Myers parrot.
That experience rekindled the desire to have a bird.
This resulted in going to Avalon Aviary with the intention of perhaps buying a single parrot.

To make a long story short, over the next year we ended up with 4 birds; an African Grey named “Maxwell”;
a Jardine named “Murphy”; and two Caiques named “Spike” and “Bro”.
About a year and a half later we adopted a rescue bird,
a Blue-Front Amazon named “Fletch”, and the flock was complete.

Since I travel occasionally for business and my wife and
I travel for pleasure, we would board our birds at Pat West’s store, Creative Play Center. Around the 1st of March, 2009, I was picking my guys up from the store and Bert and Laurie told me the bad news, Creative Play Centers was going to close. I couldn’t believe it.  After a few days of soul searching and running the numbers,
I decided to buy the business from Pat. Since that time, we have remodeled the store, enlarged the boarding area, increased the lighting levels, added wild bird food to our stock, and opened an online store. I would like to thank all of our present customers for your business. If you are a new or prospective customer, I would like to extend an invitation to visit the store, take a tour, ask questions, and talk to the store managers, Bert, and Laurie Mears.
Bert and Laurie do a wonderful job and will be able to help you
with your companion parrot’s needs, regardless of the species.
Best Regards,

Marty Slebodnik