Q: My Bird is Sick/Injured!! What Should I do? 

A: Yes, A Current Vet Check Is Needed At Least within the Year.

 Q: Do My Parrots need A Current Vet Check? 

A: CALL THE VET!!! We Are NOT An Avian Veterinary Service, So Please Call Homestead Animal Hospital or Any Other Veterinary Services Located in your Area 

Parrot Questions

A: Our Charging prices vary depending on what type of bird you have, and how long they will be staying. You Can Click Here To Learn More about Our Boarding prices.

These are our most frequently asked questions, Don't see yours on here? Contact us!

 Q: Do You Sell Birds/Have Them For Adoption? 

A: Yes, We Take Cages & Play Stands On Consignment, To Find Out More Please Contact Us


 Q: Do You Take Consignment?  

 Q: Do My Birds Get To Come out of the Cage? 

 Q: How much will I be charged per day?


 Q: Do you provide the Cage?

A: Yes, We Provide the Cage, food, and water. Otherwise, you can provide your own cage, and the bird's specific diet if needed.

A: We Do Not Sell Birds, We Only Carry the Supplies For Birds and Board Them.

A: Depending on how Full We are, We try to take the birds out to Socialize Unless it is Requested by the Owner to leave them inside of their cages